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The Founder’s Circle Award was established by National Skills Coalition’s Board of Directors in 2023 in honor of founding CEO Andy Van Kleunen. The award is given annually to leaders in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors who have leveraged their influence to further NSC’s mission and impact.   


Over his 23 years leading National Skills Coalition, Andy partnered with public, private, and philanthropic leaders to grow the organization’s influence and impact. During his time as CEO, the organization changed hundreds of state and federal skills policies that have changed thousands of lives. His efforts were rooted in the belief that a greater diversity of workers will have access to a better life, and a greater diversity of businesses will see growth, if inclusive, high-quality skills training is a central part of our nation’s education, economic growth and anti-poverty policies. Andy was named the first recipient of the Founder’s Circle award upon his departure from NSC in 2023 in celebration of his multi-decade commitment to building an organization and a national movement.  


Dalila Wilson-Scott
Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Comcast Corporation & President, Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation 

2024 award winner:

Since 2016, Dalila has led Comcast NBCUniversal’s philanthropic strategy with a focus on advancing digital equity and economic mobility through Project UP, the company’s $1 billion commitment. This has included a multi-year partnership in support of NSC’s Digital Equity @Work campaign, which seeks to raise the visibility of digital skills as a key component of digital equity. 

Dalila has overseen direct investments in NSC’s research, communications, and technical assistance to ensure states can leverage billions of dollars in generational federal investments to close the digital skill divide and create equitable economic opportunity. In addition, Dalila has leveraged her own influence and relationships as well as Comcast’s world-class media platforms to bring greater attention to NSC’s foundational research about the digital skill divide and proven solutions. Working with NSC, Comcast joined over 70 companies, including ten Fortune 500s, in putting forward a set of principles that provide a roadmap for public and private leaders to advance digital equity. Dalila’s virtual Fireside Chat with NSC’s CEO garnered over 5 million impressions bringing an unprecedented level of reach and visibility to NSC’s research, its network, and its efforts. 


Dalila has been leveraging her influence to deepen NSC’s impact for over a decade, overseeing the development of a partnership with NSC in 2013 when she was Head of Global Philanthropy and President of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

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