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Welcome from NSC’s New CEO, Robert Espinoza

Ballots vs. Bipartisanship: Federal Advocacy in an Election Year 

Election years can shine a spotlight on political division and strain the ability of federal lawmakers to work across the aisle. It can be a challenging time for advocates to get the attention of Congress and inform their decisions.  

This session will explore where there is consensus among voters and where there is not, where policymakers are working together on bipartisan solutions that aren’t necessarily making headlines, and what it will take to advance bipartisan solutions in 2024 and beyond.  

Dr. Alma Salazar Bridge Builder Award


Concurrent Sessions


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Centering Care: The Ripple Effect of Quality Care Worker Training 


Today's workforce depends on assistance from millions of direct care and childcare workers. Despite their crucial role supporting our loved ones—children, older individuals, and people with disabilities—care workers face challenges like inadequate training and compensation, limited advancement opportunities, and lack of respect and recognition.  

This session will examine voter perspectives on the care economy and how public and private leaders can prioritize skills training and job quality within the care workforce to strengthen jobs and create a stronger economy.  

Founder's Circle Award


AI, Worker Voice, and Industry Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will shape the economic future of our nation. From Capitol Hill to kitchen tables, people are talking about the role of AI and its impact on the country and the workforce. 

This session will investigate voter perspectives on AI and why workers’ expertise is essential to shaping AI in the workplace. It will explore how public policy can support workers’ skill needs and access to quality jobs as AI changes practices across industries.  

Concurrent Sessions


NSC Network Awards


From Education to Hiring & Advancement: An Equity & Skills-Based Framework

Employers are reconsidering long-standing degree requirements and shifting toward skills-based hiring, an approach that emphasizes skills, not college degrees, as the primary qualification for a job. These policy and practice shifts aim to remove barriers that screen out quality candidates and to bring diverse perspectives and skill sets into the workforce.  

This session will explore voter perspectives and how companies and government agencies can implement skills-based hiring along with equity advancing policies that support hiring and career advancement for workers of color and other underrepresented groups. 

Taking it to the Hill: Strategy Session



7:00 - 8:45 am


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4:00 - 5:00 pm 


Skills Summit on the Hill

  • Meetings with Policymakers

  • Legislative Briefing
    Creating an Equitable, Resilient Workforce System that Meets Worker Needs and Business Demand: Priorities for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Reauthorization  

Closing Reception

Check out the Skills Summit Content page for recordings, blogs, pictures, and more!

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